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What sort of figure are you worth as admin/owner


New Member
Apr 25, 2020
New Zealand
What sort of figure are you worth as admin/owner
I have been a forum user for many years (mostly my hobbies etc)
Also looking at various marketing sites at that time, setting up a forum was seen as a way of making money

I set my forum up in January 2020 just a personal project to fill a gap here in NZ.
I thought it would be fun and that a small annual webhost plan would be OK.

But my website really took off, and now its very busy (in terms of page views etc) so I have had to go to a cloud type plan which is serious monthly money.
I also have to send a lot of time on it moderating, and keeping it tidy etc.

I considered advertising (but decided against that as it is too much work for unknown income)
Many of my members have offered to donate, as they enjoy the forum.
So I set up a bank account and am recieving donations.

My question is after webhosting etc, what would you consider a reasonable amount to expect to be able to draw to compensate for your time.
Please give your answer in US dollar terms approx.
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