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    Power of social media

    I agree. And it's free. You can actually promote your products through social media. These social medias are so useful that small businessmen can promote their products for free. Not like way back early years that business owners and company owners are paying a lot just for the promotions of...
  2. jennyfermanuel

    Is social media a good way to advertise?

    Yes. It will be a good way for you to start whatever it is that you want to advertise. Instead of paying big amounts on television, radio, newspaper etc just to promote or advertise your products. Social media is a free tool to do so. You'll have a bigger chance of increasing your customers and...
  3. jennyfermanuel

    How active on you on Facebook?

    I am not that active on facebook nowadays. Honestly, I am avoiding myself to see "dramas" on fb. I am only using it for communication purposes. I don't know, but maybe once a person came to the point of adulthood, he or she is more focused on the "real world". And that he/she realizes that...
  4. jennyfermanuel

    How does the forum-posting help you?

    Good for you @barida. I hope I can also interact with other people that easy as you do. I mean, I love it. That's what I love doing. I have worked on a call center and I enjoyed it a lot. It's just that I am not like you who can start a discussion and follow 'till the end. But anyway, good for...
  5. jennyfermanuel

    How does the forum-posting help you?

    It helps me earn and learn at the same time. And if you love talking to people and share thoughts and ideas with them, this is the great place for you. It actually helps me with my understanding of how forums and online job works. I got a lot of knowledge and terms I never heard even when I am...
  6. jennyfermanuel

    What is best way to get referrals?

    I see. You are saying there are number of people who are reporting this problem on facebook? Maybe it be better for us to limit our posting of links on social media platform like fb. We don't want to be banned on fb anyway. I hope to see more ways of getting referrals here. I am too slow on...
  7. jennyfermanuel

    What is best way to get referrals?

    I didn't know about it, that facebook doesn't allow one to share external links and that it will serve as spam. Actually, I never tried it again, like joining sites that needs referrals . I tried it before, but I felt I am not into it. So as far as I can, I am avoiding myself to join sites in...
  8. jennyfermanuel

    Is facebook now being considered as a platform for old people?

    I can't say that young people are moving to other new platforms on social media, they are using these new platforms but they are still on facebook as I see it. I don't know about the statistics, but we can't do anything about it if it happens eventually. Everything changes, we can't stop that to...
  9. jennyfermanuel

    Does anybody at this forum make money online with paid to click websites?

    Is snuckls considered as PTC? I tried this one, but eventually they banned my account after clicking and watching videos for a single entry! I am also trying KO trivia. I got $0.05 on my first try, but never again able to earn anything at all. I felt like I am just wasting my time there without...
  10. jennyfermanuel

    The issue of fake news

    I agree. It can even destroy someone's reputation. Not only celebrities and politicians are affected by it, even us normal citizens might suffer bullying and harassment caused by fake news. There are several news site that are spreading false information. I hope they can do something about it...
  11. jennyfermanuel

    What do you think - android or ios?

    I am also using both IOs and Android. I am using my iphone for the fast internet connection and performance as well yes. While my android is for music, games, and other useful applications that iphones doesn't have. I am downloading applications more often in my android phone as there are more...
  12. jennyfermanuel

    How i can increase likes of facebook page?

    Even when you post interesting articles and pictures on facebook, if they don't want to click the "like" button, they won't. In my country, people usually liking each others posts. If you are not active in liking their posts, they won't bother to click the "like" button to whatever you are...
  13. jennyfermanuel

    How secured is your data in a cloud platform?

    I have learned that they are actually updating and that they are always into finding more secure solutions with this problem. And yes, @barida I agree with you, things put on the internet aren't 100% secure. It's in our own choice anyway. But I also learned how useful cloud hosting is. I have...
  14. jennyfermanuel

    What is cloud hosting?

    Almost all the questions in my mind about cloud computing are answered in here! Thank you so much.! I actually had a doubt using cloud in terms of "privacy" and "security". But this helps a lot! I have realized how useful it is now. It's a clear explanation, thumbs up!
  15. jennyfermanuel

    How to attract a younger crowd?

    Try to have a research or a survey. Try to talk to younger people. You need to know the trends that they're up to nowadays. Not every youngsters or millennials are into gaming actually. And why not try to use social media to attract them or to inform them about your gaming forum? There are...
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