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    What host is better? And why?

    In my web hosting with kvchosting.net US web hosting service, I also learned that the hosting panel which they use is very good one and they have learned it well to make users understand pros and cons of things which we have to do every day. I don’t have any complaint against them.
  2. Rombars

    Linux, HDD: 20 GB, cPanel, Canada - any good shared hosts?

    One thing I must say about canspace.ca is that they have excellent customer service. I love the prices. The server was down for about 15 minutes one month. That's pretty good up time!
  3. Rombars

    Dedicated Server UK?

    Pretty good servers offered by QHoster.com experts. They offer over 30 different server locations around the world. I have had no issues with them at all and have moved three other client's website to them. They may be a few dollars more expensive, but certainly worth it.
  4. Rombars

    affordable VPS in Europe?

    I've had outages, but nothing too long. I was down for over an hour once, but they kept me informed about what was going on. Libertyvps.net price is right for personal and small business needs and the customer service representatives are helpful.
  5. Rombars

    VPS hosting packages and also reg domains in Australia?

    This AU host has been incredibly easy to use, very helpful and oh so cheap. Vpsblocks.com.au web panel they developed is very easy to use and intuitive - which is why I recommended them to my 69 year old father. Their price is also terrific, even without the amazing referral codes available.
  6. Rombars

    managed VPS rquired for my new project in EU

    For QHoster.com VPS and Dedicated Server - Personal voucher for $50: GHR8WY5P4P (applies to annual billing cycles). These guys are simply amazing. I can't possibly rave about them more. I've always been frustrated by hosting in the past. Not with QHoster!
  7. Rombars

    What offshore VPS hosts do you know?

    I am really happy to have found warez-host.com offshore web host. They go out of their way to help in anything - one of their staff even incorporated my blog design for me into my site! They are offering cool promo codes now: https://www.warez-host.com/hosting-promotions.php
  8. Rombars

    Do you know anything about centohost.com web host ?

    They have been fantastic to deal with. I have had customers using other hosts and after pulling my hair out trying to get the basics to work got them to switch over and host through me at centohost.com provider. There are no hidden traps or fees. Service is excellent and they also have several...
  9. Rombars

    adult content hosting deals please?

    Must say that exmasters.com adult web hosting service provided is excellent, including software provided, and personal customer support. Their main goal is to provide the best technology available with exceptional customer support.
  10. Rombars

    reliable hosts offering low-cost hosting plans?

    I moved to cloudarion.com dedicated server hosting after reading reviews and having a terrible experience with my previous host. As far as the uptime, it is very good. I have monitoring software for keeping up-time statistics and so far the up-time is unparralled.
  11. Rombars

    Swiss VPS hosting required

    Good day, I want to know about the quality of Swissnode.ch Swiss VPS web hosting services. My budget is $35/mo. 130 gbs - HD, 2 GB - RAM, 3 TB - Bandwidth I am planning to host my huge traffic web site at cheap VPS hosting account. Where can I read customer hosting reviews about them?
  12. Rombars

    Europe VPS hosting accounts?

    Give Exmasters.com a try. The techs contact me checking to see if I have any issues just to be on the safe side. For someone looking to host a few things this is definitely the best inexpensive way to go.
  13. Rombars

    where can I get shared web hosting packages?

    Great reliable webhost! I have been with hostforweb.com hosting for a while now and have to say their reliability is great. They never point you in a direction on your own but see the issue closed by staying with it and putting their time in selflessly.
  14. Rombars

    Good server hosting? Server location required: USA

    I need help to choose reliable host along with helpful techs. Server location required: USA I found Centohost.com - their server hosting deals look quite good. I need server hosting account with 2 tbs of HD + 36 tbs of bandwidth. What host is better? And why?
  15. Rombars

    reliable hosts offering hosting in Australia - any recommendations?

    On average, how much traffic do you expect each month? I am very pleased with service from vpsblocks.com.au - They have always been prompt and effectual in helping me. Pricing for the service is very reasonable and I have never had a service interruption. They offer VPS clustering!
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