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  1. moodybar

    asvhost.com vs hostnamaste.com

    I'm extremely happy with NetShop-isp.com.cy web hosting service and will continue to have them host our site. There has been no server downtime, no problem with uploads, no other issues in any way.
  2. moodybar

    Cheap Host with Responsive Support?

    I would recommend hostforweb.com shared servers to anyone needing a website for personal use or any business needs. Everything is very easy to use and they give you many resources for the small price they charge. Their customer service has improved drastically since I started the account.
  3. moodybar

    Which server is better to sign up with?

    I would highly recommend asvhost.com vps hosting solutions if you are looking for quality services. Support is responsive and uptime is near perfect; open several tickets and were responded to promptly not to mention they resolved my request.
  4. moodybar

    Shared account to sign up with ...

    I've been with jollyworkshosting.com for three years now and have built a number of websites for any business. They do provide features for more advanced websites, such as SSL and multi-domain-name support. They are reliable.
  5. moodybar

    Looking for the best international hosting

    The support team is second to none. I have been keeping my website on kvchosting.net for a few weeks now, but so far so good. The admin dashboard is a bit confusing, but once you browse through it and try some things like whois protection or verification, it's all right.
  6. moodybar

    Which way should I follow?

    I recently switched to scalahosting.com from another hosting provider where the service was down for days at a time and they would not respond to communications. The speed is amazing, very reliable, the support is fantastic (we needed a server reset, they done it within 20 minutes), the price is...
  7. moodybar

    Any Ways to Boost WordPress Performance Speed?

    What ways can you recommend me to boost my wordpress performance and speed? The thing is that one of my co-workers draw my attention to FLATsite.com static wordpress site generator. Would like to know your views on it? Have you tried it? Any other suggestions please?
  8. moodybar

    jollyworkshosting.com vs legionbox.com

    I host a couple of sites with Legionbox.com on their VPS account, and their support has been terrific. Several days ago I messed up and deleted a database, and then discovered my backup was messed up. They have been just as responsive on previous occasions when issues came up transferring...
  9. moodybar

    luxhosting.lu vs scalahosting.com

    Thumbs up to these guys. Scalahosting.com is a wonderful host. I must say that whatever they experienced seems to of been out of the ordinary because so far everything has been working 100% and I'm really happy I made the switch to them.
  10. moodybar

    The best dedicated server providers in USA and EU?

    No waiting for one hour or two. Response to tickets is fast. QHoster.com experts are very professional and seem to enjoy helping their customers which is a great change from some of the other sites out there.
  11. moodybar

    Shared account to sign up with ...

    Absolutely GREAT customer service! I love being able to chat with Kvchosting.net 24/7 with an almost immediate response. All questions were answered and not just some of them. There was no attitude. And when I had difficulties with some of the setup, they fixed things nearly immediately.
  12. moodybar

    Hosting for small startup company website?

    Hi, I'm looking for some relatively cheap hosting that I will be using for a small startup company website. I know that I don't need much for something of this scale, but one thing is that a lot of my clients may potentially be checking out the website from USA. Is there anything that I could...
  13. moodybar

    Fast UK Web Hosting?

    Although I haven't had a lot of experience with other site providers, I found it's pricing very reasonable. I would recommend hosting.uk as a provider to look at when looking for a host.
  14. moodybar

    What web hosts can you recommend for me?

    Hi, I've been searching various hosts, nothing I've tried seems to work for me in terms of free for a webpage. I'm going to pay but want to get the following: 1) Text pages, sort of a medical information site, includes probably about 15 pages of links for solid medical info (like anemias...
  15. moodybar

    Looking for FFmpeg shared hosting

    I have been with cloudarion.com ssdvps hosting for over 6 months and i have never had a problem. Generally 100% uptime, good pricing and professional service. I would highly recommend these guys.
  16. moodybar

    Right EU server provider ...

    No doubt, QHoster.com is really professional, and they have the quickest support ever. Price to service to ease-of-use to features is just a great deal and they just added lots of new stuff. Very competitive pricing.
  17. moodybar

    hostingsource.com vs scalahosting.com

    I have a small personal website, and it hasn't been down a minute since I signed up with hostingsource.com web host. Support is good - the ticket system works well. They are knowledgeable and very quick to resolve any issues. Features are excellent and pricing is competitive.
  18. moodybar

    What are the standard features of Colocation Services ?

    Also know that CoreSpace.com offers nice Colocation solutions. High-speed server performance. Dedicated and passionate customer support + useful tools for the website!
  19. moodybar

    Looking for a ddos protected web hosting

    Try another web host. Hostforweb.com has been the best provider I've run across. They are extremely helpful not only with problems but with any questions I've had, and the backbone of their hosting - cPanel - is a great tool to control and administer 1 website or a dozen. Excellent Web Host!
  20. moodybar

    Looking for a ddos protected web hosting

    In the 8 months I've used netshop-isp.com.cy cheap web hosting, I can only remember 1 significant session of downtime, and that was partially my own fault because I didn't update to a new server when they asked me to. They solved all the troubles. I am happy with them.
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