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    Tracking visitors

    Google analytics is best if you to get the insights of your website visitors. You have to keep that in mind that GA is complex to understand for people with less knowledge of Seo. I would suggest you to try using clicky. My CEO`s also use it. Regards, Adrian
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    Best billing software for web hosting business.

    WHMCS, as the very name suggests, is an all-in-one client management platform which will save you a lot of hassle in running an online business. But if this one argument is not even enough, there is a plethora of other compelling reasons: Automation A real time-saver. WHMCS ensures automation...
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    Personally, I prefer OneDrive. I use Microsoft Office, and with an Office 365 subscription (The same price as Dropbox with 1TB), Onedrive also comes 1TB of storage with for up to 6 users at affordable onedrive pricing, which also covers my whole family. OneDrive is also built in to Windows 10...
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    Cloud disaster recovery

    Here are some of the pro`s and con`s of Cloud Disaster Recovery systems Pros No hotsite required (cloud provider becomes warm standby offsite) CAPEX --> OPEX Pay only for resources when they are in use Automation for recovery steps Better tracking for RTO/RPO Cons Your application needs to...
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    Which is the best free web design software for a beginner?

    The best free web design software: Adobe Photoshop Pictaculous Balsamiq Lightshot Sublime Text 2 WAMP / MAMP Canva Sass Regards, Adrian
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    Best control panel for dedicated servers.

    cPanel is good for those who want to save their time and cost. Good due to the following feature: You can access multiple communication podiums and settings under this feature. Other features include flexibility of creating email accounts, delete emails, email messaging, email filtering and...
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    Best billing software

    WHMCS is the most popular billing software used by most of the hosting and desktop as a service companies nowadays. WHMCS combines billing and support into a single package and it really gives you all the features needed to run your hosting business. They also have really detailed documentation...
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    Using wordpress as a cms

    In today’s world, WordPress is one of top most popular CMS. It started out as a platform mainly for blogging, but has grown and enhanced continuously over the years. Today, over 60% of websites are using WordPress and almost all development companies like to select WordPress as CMS Development...
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    What is the best way of driving traffic to your content/website?

    Everyone wants to get more web traffic to their site. Not just your ordinary traffic but web traffic that drives leads! There are methods that you can use which are free and tactics that can cost you some money. The first step is to develop a strategy first. You can do some research on inbound...
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    Which is good traffic? paid or free

    It comes down to your objectives - if you want to create a long-term site with quality content, free traffic will come as you provide unique content that solves a problem for people. Create content for people, rather than Google, so you can build an audience that will come back. Also, encourage...
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    Wordpress updates

    Sometimes, I notice some WordPress updates being ignored by some of my clients and friends all the time and I try to warn them about ignoring these updates and why it is important to update your blog or website as often as possible. Here are some reasons why. To Improve Features Of Your Blog...
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    Social Media Management with HootSuite

    Yes, it was the best tool in 2019 and will be the best tool in 2020 also and in coming years. HootSuite is a tool you may have heard about, and you may even already know that it has something to do with social media. But maybe you're wondering, is HootSuite free? What exactly does it do, and is...
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    What is SEO optimized content?

    SEO friendly can sometimes bring to some misconceptions. A content, a website, a CMS, a topic can be SEO friendly. Even though the definition is pretty broad, it means that you should be able to reach your audience and your goals (slightly) more easily. When referred to a content, it means that...
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    What do you understand by Frames in HTML?

    Frames are used to divide the window of ur browser .it uses elements like frameset ...field area...etc...it uses the same concept of creating tables .generally creating frames are avoided bcoz some browser doesn't support it...and hence JavaScript is used ...and mostly 50% of web developers...
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    How to choose colors?

    Understand the project, project requirements, client choices, product target audience Pick the main color as per the color theory and Point #1 To make color theme around this I either go to Adobe Color CC Now days I am fan of material design by google and they have awesome color guide at their...
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    Hosting for Streaming video blogs?

    you need to buy encoding or streaming vps where you can live stream your channel 24*7 without any speed issue. As streaming requires a most common software OBS which consumes a lot of CPU, users should always count number of processors before buying the product. High processor will give you best...
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    What platform do you use?

    WHMCS is a billing software and also a software to manage your clients. It is an excellent piece of software for a cloud hosting company. In fact, Most of the hosting companies in India and abroad uses WHMCS for billing purpose. I am using WHMCS for about last 10 years, I have not come across...
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    Starting a web hosting business!

    You can just subscribe to a reseller account with a web hosting provider generally 16$ / month. This gives you WHM with which you can create accounts ( your clients sites on the server) you can also reserve domain names for your clients with the registrar of your choice. When you have a lot of...
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    Responsive Design vs App

    I would like to introduce you to some benefits of Mobile Compatible Website and Mobile Application for the website. These benefits are given below. Mobile Compatible Website Feature: If I will go to explain there is so many things are there. Suppose take an example Mobile and Desktop/Laptop...
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    I need to Grow Hosting Business

    There are a lot of things which includes the marketing campaigns that you do or the way you focus on customer retention and a top-notch customer support also matters in growing your hosting business. Below are some of the tips for you to grow your hosting business. Create a attractive plans for...
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