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Hostragons®❄️ Start at From $ 2.99 ❄️ WAF + Railgun + CDN + Mirage + Polish + SSL ❄️ + More

Oct 30, 2020

Hostragons® is a privately-owned professional web hosting company. Since our inception, we have experienced tremendous growth and popularity thanks to our affordable high performance web hosting services supported by the excellent level of service we deliver to our customers. Today, the Hostragons® brand is heading to synonymous with excellent quality of service in the web hosting industry.

Hostragons® operates worldwide from the data-center in the Turkey. In addition to web hosting, Hostragons® also offers additional web hosting peripherals including a wide variety of domain names. Our mission and core focus are to constantly exceed our customer's expectations and deliver enterprise level of service at affordable rates.

Free : Litespeed LSCache + Hostragons WAF Service + Hostragons CDN Service + Mirage ™: Mobile Optimization + Polish ™: Visual Optimization + Railgun + More !

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  2. https://www.whtop.com/review/hostragons.com
Packages You Can Buy
  • RSLin - Skathi
5 Site Hosting
10 GB SSD Disk
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Sub Features
Free SSL
$2.99 / m - Order.

  • RSLin - Siarnaq
15 Site Hosting
50 GB SSD Disk
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Sub Features
Free SSL
$5.99 / m - Order.

  • RSLin - Narvi
25 Site Hosting
Unlimited SSD Disk
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Sub Features
2x Extra CPU
2x Extra RAM
Free SSL
$6.99 / m - Order.

  • RSLin - Methone
Exceed Yourself
50 Site Hosting
Unlimited SSD Disk
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Sub Features
8x Extra CPU
8x Exta RAM
Cloud Server
Free SSL
$8.99 / m - Order.

  • Free SSL
  • While SSL allows you to keep the information of your members and visitors securely, it also helps you rank high in search engines.

  • Free CDN and DDoS
  • CDN and DDoS protection is very important for your websites. Speed support and DDoS protection features of CDN are offered to our customers free of charge.

  • Free Backup
  • As Hostragons, we automatically take weekly backups of our customers' websites. You can request these backups from us in case of possible problems.

  • Secure Server Structure
  • Thanks to our secure server protocol, we protect our servers and our valued customers with the most up-to-date security systems.

  • Full Language Panel
  • All of our hosting services we offer to you have a Turkish panel. In this way, you can manage your hosting quickly and practically.

  • Unlimited Features
  • We have removed the limits on all the features we offer in our hosting for you. In this way, we aim to offer you a better experience.

  • One Click Script Installation
  • We allow you to automatically install all the ready-made systems you can think of such as WordPress, Magento, Mybb from your administration panel with a single click.

  • Spam and Virus Protection
  • Spam and Virus protection are very important components for website owners and mail systems. As Hostragons, we offer these to our customers free of charger

  • 24/7 Support
  • Our Hostragons customer advisors are at your service 24/7. In this way, you can get instant support for your possible problems.

Protection System General features
  • DOS Attack Prevention
  • Hacking Attempts Protections
  • Automatic Registration Bot Block
  • Private IP Address
  • Site Traffic (Bandwidth) Reduction
  • HTTP Protocol Rules
  • DOS Attack Prevention
  • Password Attempt Prevention
  • Script Spam Mail Vulnerabilities
  • Ram Cache Optimization System
  • +10x Acceleration Guarantee
  • Intelligent Learnable Blocking System
  • Hide IP
  • Spam Subject, Comment, Content Block
  • SQL Injection
  • Protection with Cache
  • Malicious Bot Blocking
  • Attack Routing

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