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Online course for website creation

Dec 28, 2018
I am not skilled in coding. I have a lot to learn about the creation of blogs and website. I had always been amazes on how one can create his/her own and monetize it. Is their any affordable online course that taught on how to code, create and develop website and blog?
Jul 4, 2020
United States
There are lots and lots of free courses, and resources to start with a web designing and development to understand the basics of building a website on our own, and you don't need years of experience and top-notch key insights of web development to build one website in 2020, as there are numerous clickable and build website based platforms are available to try and understand how and what to be done to build a website from scratch without prior knowledge to website creation.

I started out of curiosity as one of the naive tech enthusiasts, now I am working with one of the prestigious mobile game developers that operate across the world for mobile game development approach, at first I was also skeptical to become an independent mobile game developer, but I opt for a fulltime job to understand the market, and then I switched to the freelance world and started building mobile games on my own, to help out other mobile game app startups building top-edge gaming experience for their users.

You can start with free courses in the beginning to understand the basics, and once you are done with all the basics, start with building a website to understand the process you learnt is appealing or you need to change something, the more you experiment with things the more you'll become better at website creation part.

Hope this helps.
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