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Which is the best free web design software for a beginner?


New Member
Sep 1, 2015
I am looking for a free web designing software for a beginner like me. Even though I got some basic knowledge of programming and coding, I am not an expert. So it should be easy for a beginner to use. I prefer to work from templates.

One of my friends suggested a program called CoffeeCup free HTML editor. As per him the free version has all the potential to build a fully functioning site with its own limitations. It also got nice templates within.

I would like to know your opinion about this program. Can you recommend if there is a better one available which is free?


New Member
Sep 26, 2015
Brackets is a free open source HTML editor, which is lean and mean but has a lot of nice features too. You can download it at www.brackets.io. It's really geared towards users who have a decent working knowledge of HTML and CSS though, so it's not going to hold your hand through everything and it's certainly not a drag and drop style web page building tool. But there are a lot of plugins you can install for it as well, which will help add even more functionality to it. Another nice feature is that it can open and read Adobe Photoshop files to help extract information from them that you may need for your CSS, such as font names, font sizes, spacing, margins, color codes, etc...

I used to be a die hard Dreamweaver user, which obviously is not free, but these days I find myself using Brackets more often, since it's not as bloated as Dreamweaver has become and it loads up much faster.

Some other options you may want to consider is checking out "giveaway" sites such as GiveWayOfTheDay and WindowsDeal, which often feature free copies of commercial software. They generally include either lifetime licenses, or one year licenses or in some cases 6 month licenses. You may luck out and score some otherwise commercial HTML editors for free if you keep looking at these sites on a daily basis.
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